Locating the Respondent or Witness

All nullity cases concern a marriage of two people – the Petitioner (person applying for the annulment) and the Respondent (the former spouse). The law requires that the Respondent be contacted regarding the petition that is presented to the Tribunal because he/she has a right to know that an investigation is being conducted into the validity of his/her marriage to the Petitioner. Thus, it is very important to provide a current address for BOTH parties. This is sometimes a challenge when the divorce occurred many years ago and there are no children.

In addition, there may be people that were around at the time of the marriage that would be able to testify to the marriage under investigation but are no longer in contact with the Petitioner or the Respondent. It would be worth a search to find them and ask if they would be willing to provide testimony.

Some suggestions for looking for "lost" Respondents or Witnesses:

Specifically helpful for locating the Respondent: